onsdag den 25. februar 2009


Kristian von Hornsleth, born 1963, lives and works in Copenhagen. He is known for creating art about branding and identity and his paintings with his name writing across the middle is in over 1000 homes in Denmark and around the world. His Africa-project, in which an African village changed all their names to Hornsleth and in exchange received an a pig or a goat, made headlines all over the world and the village has even been visited by Prince Charles of England. Hornsleths weapon stock market work called The Hornsleth Arms Investment Project, focuses on human relations to cruelty and evil, that exist in every part of the accepted capitalism. Furthermore Hornsleth is known for his many brandings of consumer items on everything from Lamborghinis to porno films and in every sense the question of whether publicity is more important than the product itself.
There is no product, there is only marketing, Kristian von Hornsleth....http://www.hornsleth.com

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